Sunday, July 15, 2012

Scientific Methods Jeopardy Game!

Who hasn't watched as least one jeopardy game in their lifetime. I loved to watch jeopardy as a kid. My teachers always had interactive games where they would play games like jeopardy in my history class. I have seen jeopardy games for all subject except science.  I designed jeopardy games for science courses because I think they are great way to review for an exam and they are really. I am planning on designing one for every unit I teach. Keep posted for more great jeopardy games!

Scientific method jeopardy game is designed to help students understand the different components of the scientific method. This game is equipped with 22 questions related to the scientific method. This great games is also very vibrant and colorful! They are also very easy to use in the classroom and on a SmartBoard.

As Scigirl153 ScienceToolBox special, I am going to give this jeopardy game away for FREE to the first three people who like this page. Just put your email in the "email me" box and I will send it to you. 

Stay tuned for more great science lesson plan ideas! 

Happy Teaching!

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